Treatment Philosophy

My treatment philosophy is based on over twenty-five years of clinical experience and practice combined with training in a wide variety of clinical settings. I have distilled a treatment approach which is tailored to each patient, not based on having a passion for a particular technique or school of thought. I believe that each individual who walks into my office is expecting relief from their distress and an understanding of how to change. I feel obligated to provide a therapeutic environment where they can examine their lives without bias or judgment. I encourage my patients to learn new skills, develop healthier patterns of behaviors, and make better life decisions. I try to facilitate that process by establishing a sound relationship which encourages trust, risk, and a desire to examine their lives realistically.

I look forward to each new opportunity I have to share in the success of my patients as they strive to deal with their unique psychological challenges.

Professional Services

- Psychological assessment

- Diagnostic testing and evaluation

- Individual and couple/marital therapy

- Family psychotherapy